What some of my students have to say ...

Shala, mature-aged

I am a mature aged student of Serene and very fortunate to call her my piano teacher. I started my first piano lesson five months ago with a veteran piano teacher who had some twenty years teaching experience. This teacher felt and insinuated that I would be struggling because I was an Accountant who had a very left brained perspective to learning. He had made up his mind that learning to the play the piano would be a struggle for me. He did not have the drive to want to see me succeed. Also, at each lesson he would ask me what I wanted to do rather than set the lesson pattern for me.

After three months I decided I needed to change my teacher and I found Serene's web site. Under Serene's non- judgmental open minded approach to teaching, my confidence and skills have grown. I feel comfortable to ask "stupid" questions. At my first assessment lesson, Serene asked what I wanted to achieve - play for fun, do exams etc. I said I wanted to play "Lara's Theme" some day. Without batting an eye lid she said "that's a fourth year piece so you will be able to play it in 5 years or earlier". So began my learning journey with Serene. (My previous teacher did not say anything when I mentioned this goal...just looked at me like I was overly ambitious).

Last week Serene introduced me to the Lara's Theme notes and together we are making progress. This is proof that Teacher Quality is an important aspect in achieving successful outcomes for students. Serene has all the qualities required to be an excellent piano teacher.

Daniel, 28

I can't recommend Serene highly enough! She has made the daunting task of learning to read music and play the piano for the first time (I'm 28) not only a lot easier than I thought. But she teaches in a way that is relaxed, interesting and enjoyable. I look forward to my weekly lessons and mastering my first Beethoven song. Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious...I can say that she definitely teaches piano the fun way!

Alan, 70

I am an older male who learned the piano as a boy, doing well in exams and eisteddfods. A career and other life activities got in the way of the piano until the 1980s when I took it up again for a couple of years, attempting to learn jazz playing. Last year I decided to take it up again and after searching the local area for a suitable teacher I came across Serene’s website, Piano the Fun Way. I sent her an email setting out my goals and interests, got a very encouraging reply, and started lessons. We’ve been doing some old piano standards all of which I love playing. I’ve enjoyed learning from Serene as she’s so patient, tailors my learning to my abilities and interests and is helping me to achieve my goal of enjoying playing the piano again.

Jared, 9

I like piano lessons with Serene because she is artistic and also really funny. She is smart and kind:
Serene is a kind person
Every day she comes and makes me laugh
Really her favourite colour is pink
Everyone knows that she is an artist
Never getting angry
Ever so loving and never fights


Learning piano with Serene has given back the love of piano to my children. They love coming to her lessons and even practice without being asked. My daughter went from wanting to give up and hating piano to rediscovering the love and joy for playing. Thank you so much Serene.


I am so impressed with Mia’s continued improvement. She loves every lesson and practices without me having to tell her! That is the sign of a great teacher. Thank you.

Jodie, 20

I highly recommend Serene, she is an excellent piano teacher! She tailors the classes to suit the individual and makes the learning process really enjoyable. She is so friendly and welcoming, making me feel relaxed and comfortable from day one! I am so grateful to have found her, she is an amazing teacher!

Sarah, 9

You are a very good teacher because you always play the song before I play it, so I know how it sounds like and you always help me when I have trouble with notes or how to play smoothly and you also encourage me with things and give me work to do to make me a good piano player when I am older.


Armaan is really enjoying his classes and is always eager to come to his lesson. In fact he says that half an hour just feels like 10mins because of how much fun he has. He has become a lot more confident in his piano playing since joining here.

Irene, 21

After a 6 year break from piano, I came back to piano to accomplish two things: To finish grades (something that I felt I wanted to achieve), and also to learn more contemporary music on the piano. I wanted to develop new skills on the piano, not just play the classics from the manuscripts but also to learn to play by ear. Serene has been a wonderful teacher and has been incredibly accommodating in teaching me the skills I wanted to learn, as well as preparing me for my exams. I feel like I take something important away with me after each lesson, and have lots of interesting things to practice when I get home. In just a few short weeks, after many years of avoiding the piano, my confidence in the instrument and my appreciation of music has grown. As a busy post-graduate research student, I work long days and am often quite busy, but Serene has been very accommodating of this with lessons arranged so I proceed at a comfortable pace - but I have to admit even after a long day at uni, practicing and going to lessons are something I enjoy and look forward to!

Styliana, mature-aged

Serene is a very good piano teacher I was very pleased when I had my first lesson with her and just remembering my other teacher not being that good as Serene. She keeps in contact with you which is another good thing - if you're stuck on anything Serene is their to help! I recommend Serene to anybody! Go and play with Serene!!! You won't be disappointed!

Nick, 22

As an adult beginner, I spent a lot of time researching for the perfect teacher. After attending lessons for the past month, I have learnt everything from the basics to the songs I’ve wanted to play for years. Serene tailors the lessons to suit what I want to learn and play. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to learn – she is easy-going, knowledgeable and patient.

Cristabel, 23

I have been playing the piano for a number of years. Some teachers were quite good and others not so. I began Piano the Fun Way two months ago and I have enjoyed it so much. I had a list of songs that I wanted to learn to play next year for my dad's 70th and was actually taken seriously and have begun learning the pieces. I have learnt how to do a piano gliss, which I used to struggle with. I am doing pieces I like, for example, Beat It by Michael Jackson.

I have also finally achieved something I never thought I would be able to do and that is being able to play the piano and sing. I was with my old piano teacher and she said I want you to sing, I was actually dreading it. However, when I started playing Santa Claus is Coming to Town, I could sing with Serene's encouragement. I began practicing each day and finally for my concert, I sung and played the Christmas carol Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

I now want to practice not just because I have to but because I want to and I see results at the end. I want to say playing the piano now has become a really big part of my life to the point I practice every day because of Serene.

Krupa, 15

I have had a few piano teachers in the past and have always gotten bored with them - I was on the verge of dropping the instrument! Serene is young, enthusiastic and eager to teach; making productive piano lessons fun seems to come naturally to her. My enthusiasm to learn and involvement in piano has only increased after meeting her. She is a wonderful teacher!

Alison, 12

I enjoy piano lessons with Serene because I really love the fun pieces we play and I also love her patience and the way she teaches! I have definitely learnt a lot.

Ru Yu, 10

I like to learn piano because it makes me feel like I'm in another world, and I like Serene because she is nice and she teaches you till you understand.


Josh looks forward to coming to music lessons each week. Serene is so friendly and relates well to kids. She is very encouraging and patient! Thanks for making music so much fun!


Christen just started lessons with Serene last term and was already able to play Alicia Keys at the end of term!


Chloe enjoys her lessons with Serene alot more than her previous teacher. I often hear laughter outside the waiting area! As a parent, this is what I'm after as well. Thanks Serene.


Serene is a very patient and enthusiastic teacher. She makes the lesson lively and connects with her students very well, making them keen learners. My son enjoys his lessons with Serene and seems to have gained confidence in his playing.


Thank you Serene! Learning piano with you really is "the fun way"! You inspire a love for music in my children. You've ignited their passion for it... and all whilst they have fun! What more could a parent want. We can't thank you enough.


Serene is nice and patient teacher, My daughter Crystal started to learn piano at 4 with Serene, Crystal can't wait to attend the lesson every week. She likes Serene.


Serene is a great piano teacher. She is quite controlled and most of all, patient with my child.


Serene's method of teaching makes my child feel confident in her ability to play piano. She is an encouraging and compassionate teacher.


We have been having piano lessons since about May. Serene is a very patient teacher and I am pleased with how Emily is progressing. She has a very friendly and caring way with children but is also firm when she needs to be.

Ashley, 6

I really like piano class because I like music and piano is music. I like my teacher too.

Noah, 8

I like coming to piano lessons because it is fun and I learn lots. My favourite song I have learnt so far is Yankee Doodle. I really look forward to coming next time.

Alicia, 8

I love piano lessons because Serene is a nice teacher. Piano is very exciting when you learn new notes. Playing the piano is really cool!

Madelaien, 8

I love going to piano lessons because my teacher makes it fun and I feel special and safe. I take home different songs to practise every Tuesday. I got fun books and pretty stickers from Serene.

Chenaur, 10

I like having piano lessons with Serene because she makes things easier. I can understand everything she tells me. She gives out home things to do and I can get a stamp or a sticker or a reward if I do them.

Timothy, 10

I like piano lessons with my teacher, Serene, because in piano, she teaches with a lot of enthusiasm and when I make mistakes, she helps me throughout the whole music piece. Then I get better and better because of her so she really is a good teacher and without her, I think I would never do good in piano.

Joel, 13

I like lessons with Serene because they are a lot more fun unlike most other piano lessons. Since having lessons with Serene, my piano skills have improved greatly. The lessons are fun because we are able to explore a wide variety of piano songs.

Lauren, 7

I like Serene because she is a beautiful Music teacher. I also like Serene because she is funny and because she teaches good music. Serene also plays the piano. She is a fun loving person and she always has stamps to stamp if we are good and because we practice a lot.

Naomi, 13

I like Serene because she is smart, helpful, kind and understanding. I also like Serene because she teaches us new things each day and helps us if we are stuck on something.

Finn, 6

I come because it’s musical. I get to play musical instruments.

Rachel, 13

I like taking lessons with Serene because she explains something if I don’t understand. If there is something I am not doing right, she teaches everything so that I will understand.


Fantastic piano lessons, my children enjoy them thoroughly.

Laura, 12

I enjoy the lessons a lot, especially the feeling you get when you’ve learnt a new song. The homework is a lot of fun as well.

Zachary, 9

I like piano because of the special pieces. Serene is funny and nice, it’s awesome!

Avril, 16

Serene is an awesome teacher! I am always in a great mood at the end of the lesson!

Sophie, 11

I love going to piano lessons because it is fun to learn new songs and Serene is a really nice teacher.

Cana, 8

I can learn a lot of stuff and I can do something new every day.

Lydia, 10

Piano the fun way with Serene is really fun and we love going every week.

Amity, 5

I like playing piano with Serene because she is friendly and helps me.

Zoe, 8

I think Serene is very nice and an awesome teacher. I’m really doing “Piano the fun way”!

Paris, 14

I have fun because Serene is helpful and encouraging.

Zac, 7

I like coming because Miss Serene teaches me how to play the piano.

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