Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you teach all ages, and what styles?

Yes, Serene's youngest group of students is aged 2. The most senior student she has taught is 75 years old. Serene is classically trained but absolutely loves teaching rock, jazz, pop and contemporary styles of music. If you would like to play piano for leisure and have a couple of old favourites you'd like to learn, Serene will endeavour to help you get there!

2. Do we need a piano to learn?

If you are a beginner, a keyboard will suffice. All students who are Grade 1 level and up should be practising on a piano to develop finger technique. Contemporary style students may prefer to use either a digital piano, or a keyboard that is either 76 or 88 keys.

3. How long should the practice sessions be?

Ahhh, every music student will hear this saying, "Practice makes perfect". It's true, the more you practice playing your instrument, the better you become at it. Serene often tells her students that it is not a matter of duration spent but rather encourages her students to spend as much time they require to achieve that week's lesson goals. It might take one student 20 minutes to learn 2 bars of a piece, however, it might take another a whole hour! It really depends on the individual. After each lesson, you/your child will get an assignment for the week. As a rough guide, children should practice daily for 10-15 minutes at a specific time with no interference from other family members, the television, or the computer. It is wise to practice as early in the day as possible, keep a record of practice time, and establish a reward system for effective practice. Two brief practice times are preferable to one long session. If you are a parent, try to sit near your child during practice time, so that your child doesn't feel isolated (Refer to Parent Corner for more information).

4. Is it still fine if I do not want to take exams?

Absolutely! Music is for everyone to enjoy. Examinations are a set of standards and a motivational factor to keep achieving higher grades but it is totally fine if you wish to play piano for leisure.

5. Do we still have lessons in the holidays?

Piano the Fun Way generally follows the NSW School Calendar and do not conduct lessons during the holidays. However, for students who have exams, or are just keen to keep on learning, Serene does teach during the school holidays, and don't worry, your lesson fees will be at the same rate! =)

6. What could I expect in my first lesson?

That's right! Your first lesson is free! In the 20 minutes, this is your chance to:

  • tell Serene more about yourself
  • tell Serene what your goals are and some of your favourite pieces you'd like to play
  • receive a short lesson and learn something new
  • experience playing percussion to a short piece of music
  • bring in previous pieces and songs
  • show Serene what you can play (that's if you've learnt before, of course!)
  • ask Serene any questions about learning the piano
  • get a taste of what lessons will be like if you choose to continue lessons at Piano the Fun Way!

7. Why should my child study music at a young age?

Recent studies suggest that playing and listening to music at a young age improves learning, memory, reasoning ability, and general creativity. Research also supports the theory that young children who are exposed to music develop enhanced cognitive skills. Music teachers are aware that influences of music go far beyond the intellectual and physical development of the child. Studying music contributes to the growth of a well-balanced child in sensitivity, expressiveness, and the spirit essential for functioning in this complicated world.

8. How long, and how often are the lessons?

Lessons are usually once a week, 30 minutes for beginners and 45 to 60 minutes for the older ones. More frequent lessons may be required if you have an exam coming up.

9. What happens if I miss a lesson?

If you are not going to be able to make it for the week's lesson, please give Serene at least 48 hours notice, and you will may choose to do a make-up lesson or have one lesson credited to the next term. However, if no notice was given, sorry to say but your lesson will be forfeited, so please remember to let Serene know in advance (Refer to Terms and Conditions for more information).

10. When are Serene's availabilities?

Contact Serene to check but be quick as her schedule's filling up!

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